2x used GoPro HEROCast HD wireless transmitter and 1x used VisLink Receiver

2x used GoPro HEROCast HD wireless transmitter and 1x used VisLink Receiver

2x used GoPro HEROCast HD wireless transmitter and 1x used VisLink Receiver available for sale

We offer:
2x used GoPro HEROCast/VisLink HD wireless transmitter incl. GoPro Hero4 cameras
Professional licensed frequency band of 1.95GHz – 2.7GHz
1x used compact VisLink PROCeiver diversity Receiver
Frequency band of 2.0 GHz - 2.5GHz
Built in late 2018
See all technical specifications of the sets below
See photos of the equipment below in the PDF
Each part available as a package and separately!

Key Features 1x used VisLink PROCeiver diversity Receiver:
The Vislink PROceiver is a one box unit compatible with HEROCast and HEROCast BacPac. The receiver has been designed for use in harsh RF environments where size and weight combined with Broadcast Quality performance is important. Using active signal “Maximum Ratio Combining” (MRC) the unit accepts signals from two antennas to significantly enhance the demodulated performance and increase the operating range. This receiver features a range of comprehensive signal outputs including HD at 720p and 1080i, down-converted HD CVBS monitor video, two digital, analog audios and ASI MPEG4/H.264 video decoding is supported. The system includes video picture monitoring on the front panel TFT Display.

Key Features 2x used HEROCast PacPac HD wireless transmitter:
The HEROCast is a miniature transmitter that allows GoPro HERO3+Black and HERO4 cameras to broadcast live, HD wireless Video.
The HEROCast transmitter enables professional broadcasters to deliver engaging, live content with immersive POV footage and unique perspectives that are synonymous with GoPro. HEROCast integrates with GoPro cameras and its ecosystem of mounts, and delivers the most versatile, mountable broadcast solution available and transmits high definition 1080i/50 or 1080i/59 and 720p/50 or 720p/59 video using H.264 encoding with low glass- to-glass latency.
The HEROCast BacPac directly connects to the housing of a GoPro camera, delivering an integrated, water-resistant solution for immersive live action footage.
The transmitters operate in the professional licensed frequency band of 1.95GHz – 2.7GHz, and require a matching RF diversity receive infrastructure.

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