1x used redundant Virtual Studio Manager Server - Main and Backup

1x used redundant Virtual Studio Manager Server - Main and Backup

1x used redundant Virtual Studio Manager Server - Main and Backup available for sale

We offer:

1x used redundant Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) Server - Main and Backup Servers 

The VSM Servers have been used in an OB Van with up to 20 camera chains
Servers were built in 2010 and do have 120 Port Licenses

Version 20.2.2 B2344 – Patch
Incl. Gadget Server Licenses und vSync License

VSM Hardware:
2x 51-Hardware-Panels
2x 17-Panels with Encoder
6x 32-Panels (half rack)
2x 32-Panels vertical
4x GPIO Breakout Boxes 32

Windows Server 2012 R2
Intel CPU Xenon E5-2620 v3 @2,40 GHz
8GB Ram
64-Bit System

Additional Licenses:
Alarms, Apology, Boxing, GPI, Gadgets, Meta Gadgets, Networking, Pooling, Pseudo Devices, Scheduler, Storage Groups, Tally, Timers, Virtual layers, Virtual Signals 

VSM Workflow:
Since the VSM is able to control manufacture-independent all broadcast devices it provides a flexible and powerful one-stop solution for all broadcast challenges. Together with the configuration software vsmStudio the VSM makes a variety of hardware and software front-ends available for an unlimited number of users. That way complete studios, master control rooms and mobile trucks can be equipped and managed with one single system.
The available VSM control system is a medium size control system, where up to 3.072 signal paths along with their parameters can be managed with one single system. In addition, the superordinate control system provides gadget, Tally and GPI/O management. Further VSM functionalities such as Views and Storage Groups, Virtual Signals and Pseudo Devices support the OB Van team before and during the production with quick and easy preparation as well as flexible adaption to the production environment.
In combination with the client application vsmPanel, the VSM control system also provides numerous freely configurable software frontends. This enables exact workflows, which are necessary in the OB van, to be displayed in a well-arranged and user-friendly way. 
The load balancing of the redundantly designed multiserver system guarantees availability at the highest level: In case one server fails, another server in the cluster seamlessly takes over its functions. This makes the IP based VSM control system the most flexible and at the same time safest control solution for changing production requirements.

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Excl. custom fees

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