3x used Harris Imagine 3G IP3 Router

3x used Harris Imagine 3G IP3 Router

3x used Harris Imagine 3G IP3 Router available for sale

We offer:

3x used Harris Imagine 3G IP3 Router
The Platinum IP3 router can scale to multi-frame configurations for large to very large broadcast operations using a common Architecture 

Each Platinum IP3 28RU scales up to 576×1024 in a single frame 

Card supply for the Harris Imagine IP Router can be dedicated by Client
IN cards with 9 inputs each (PX-HSR9C-IBG IP3 SD/HD/3G input)
OUT cards with 16 outputs each (PX-HSR16C-OBG IP3 SD/HD/3G Output)

MAG-SVR Software License, Multiviewer cards and Remote Panels on request

Transportation cases included

Recommended base setup for each router:
1x Imagine IP3 Router
1x PX-576x1024-3G Crosspoint Module
1x PT-Sync
64x IN cards with 9 inputs each (PX-HSR9C-IBG IP3 SD/HD/3G input)
64x OUT cards with 16 outputs each (PX-HSR16C-OBG IP3 SD/HD/3G output)

Additional available:
MAG-SVR Software License to configurate and control the matrix
(2 Servers needed for each Router) 

Remote Panels:
6x Imagine RCP-16X16IDE Panels
15x Imagine RCP 24LCD-Oled Panels
5x Imagine RCP 32x32 IDE Panels
5x Imagine RCP-48LCD-Oled Panels 

Multiviewer cards: PX-SXP-32x6
(1x multiviewer card is plugged into 2 Output Slot cards
For each Multiviewer card that is plugged, 2x output slots cannot be used anymore)

Technical Specification:
Platinum™ IP3 delivers the highest integration of routing technology available. Designed for reliable, resilient, high-quality routing of all signal types, Platinum IP3 supports a range of applications, from workflows at multichannel video programming distributors, large national broadcasters or network hubs that require thousands of inputs and outputs down to studios and mobile production trucks.

Providing mixed-format video and audio routing, Frame Synchronization, dis-embedding, embedding, MADI and AES I/O, and Integrated Multiviewer functionality, IP3 also offers direct fiber I/O for SDI and MADI in addition to coaxial options. 

IP3 is designed for in-service on-air matrix expansion. With a powerful, operator-friendly control system, set up and reconfiguration can be seamlessly executed. The IP3 features redundant crosspoints, protecting all mission-critical signal paths. IP3 supports the full range of SDI video formats from Standard-Definition (SD) all the way to Ultra High Definition (UHD) signals.        

Platinum IP3 protects audio, video and multiviewer signals.
By adding redundant video and audio crosspoints to the Platinum IP3, facilities can maximize on-air security.

Enhanced Control and Monitoring
Platinum IP3 leverages the highly intuitive, centralized Magellan Control System that simplifies communications management between the router and other connected components. A featurerich user interface and template-driven configuration builders simplify access to information, speeding setup of the database and system, and enabling updates to publish to the entire system in seconds — without any downtime

Integrated Multiviewer:
Platinum SX Pro output modules can operate in any IP3 router chassis (15 or 28RU). Occupying from one to four slots, the SX Pro MV can flexibly combine with video and audio output cards for ultimate flexibility.

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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