3x used Riedel Mediornet MicroN

3x used Riedel Mediornet MicroN

3x used Riedel Mediornet MicroN available for sale

We offer:

3x used Riedel MediorNet MicroN Frames

All 3 Mediornet MicroN Frames are coming with Riedel Standard App
1x MediorNet MicroN Frame is coming with Multiviewer App

The Mediornets were only used in a studio

Technical Specification:
1 Set (WDM -Multiplexer + SFP) to connect with a Mediornet Compact Pro with integrated WDW – Set consisting of:1x Riedel MC-WDM-L    (1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm) 6x Municom SFP Module appropriate to the WDM – as on the photo in the PDF

SFP Module – included in the set:
4x SFP+ Module (Municom) 10G – as on the photo in the PDF

4x SFP+ Active Optical Cable 10G, 5Meter
To use the Mediornet MicroN as a Videomatrix, you need these cables


Key Features:

- 12x in, 12x out up to 3G SDI

- 2x MADI SFP slot

- 1x Gbit Ethernet

- Powerful integrated processing functions including sample rate conversion, delays, test pattern   generator

- 16 channel audio embedder / de-embedder

-All 3 frames are loaded with the Mediornet MicroN

-1 Frame has additional 1x Multiviewer App, which is switchable in the configuration software

MediorNet MicroN is software-enabled, app-based hardware that can be many different things:

It can be a throw-down signal processor, a simple point-to-point link for up to 12 bi-directional HD signals, or part of a large de-centralized router – but it can even serve as a MultiViewer or a bridge between MediorNet networks and IP Network.

Price on request:Excl.VATExcl. shipping & insurance costs Excl. custom fees

For more Information and Pictures please check the PDF below!

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