New Outside Broadcast UniCoach Concept

New Outside Broadcast UniCoach Concept

New Outside Broadcast UniCoach Concept available for sale

We offer:

New concept for a “Rack Ready” Outside Broadcast UniCoach
A game changer in outside broadcast vehicles: UNICOACH

The Outside Broadcast UniCoach frame can be mounted on a wide range of new or used truck brands and models with tailormade mounting kits
The OB UniCoach is extremely versatile and easy to apply to matching OB vehicles.
The OB chassis can be build in 3,5 months after order

Adaption on truck to be done in 2 weeks
Designed for 10-14 camera Productions

4 operation areas: Video Gallery, 2nd Video Galley, Audio room, Engineering room
Space for up to 16 working positions

Unique UniCoach building with coach dimensions of 8.7 x 2.5 x 4.0 mtrs. on truck

Compliant with IEC 60364-7-717 power regulations

Separate Audio and video TPs

LED internal and external lighting

Hydraulic system for stabilization and expansion and manual pump backup

Technical Specifications of the UniCoach OB:
Short facts – one coach to fit them all:
The UniCoach Outside Broadcast frame is a concept for rack ready OB units. It´s a coach that is designed to save time and money for customer. The coach of an OB will be mounted on an already existing new or used Truck.
Through the lightweight and durable body the UniCoach OB makes it very versatile and easy to apply to vehicles matching the compatibility matrix below.
The UniCoach OB is designed for 10-14 camera Productions.

Compatibility matrix:
The OB UniCoach frame can be mounted on a wide range of new and used Trucks of different brands and models.
The following parameters need to be fulfilled that the OB UniCoach can be mounted to a wide range of new and used Trucks of different brands:
Number of axles: 3
Min Gross Weight: 24 tons
Max chassis height: 1 000mm
Max chassis width: 850mm
Recommended minimum engine power: 230 HP

Coach dimensions on truck:
8.7 m (no cab) x 2.5 m x 4.0 m (LxWxH)

Available in:
3,5 months after purchase order
Adaption on Truck can be done in 2 weeks

Technical implementation – ready to broadcast – on request:
We can also offer the full technical implementation including technical planning, cabling, technical implementation, briefing of the crew, etc… – ready to broadcast – on request

Power System:
The core wiring is done as per 40 KVA total load under European IEC power standards - IEC 60364-7-717. The client can choose isolation transformer from 20 KVA up to 40 KVA as well as UPS for technical power part.

Lighting system:
Manually controlled all LED 24V DC lighting system is included.  

Air Condition System:
The air condition system inside the UniCoach OB can be implemented on the clients requirements.
The air condition system is available on request.

Automation System:
Basic remote control for leveling and expansion is included. Advanced PLC based automation with auto leveling, control of lighting, power and climate control can be added as an option.

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

For more Information and Pictures please check the PDF below!

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