OB Trailer prepared for up to 24 camera chains

OB Trailer prepared for up to 24 camera chains

OB Trailer prepared for up to 24 camera chains - immediately available for sale

We offer:

Used one side extended HD OB Trailer
Prepared for 24 camera chains – Fiber  + 12 Triax Connections
Working space for 29 People
OB Trailer was built in 1998
Totally refurbished in 2008 – internally and externally
New painting in 2022
Expanding side fitted – new racks, carpets, desks and air condition etc.
Permanent maintenance and serviced

MOT is valid until March 2023
2 axle trailer
Electrical controlled stabilizers on front and rear axle
Hydraulic System
Hitachi air condition system with 4 circles
Sandwich construction is covered by aluminium outside with a steel frame
UPS system APC SMX 2200HV – purchased in July 2020 – 2200VA
UPS lasts for 30 minutes for CCU 1 only 
Power System: 1x125Ampere CEE
Sony MVS 8000G 4/ME switcher - not 3G ready
Grass Valley Trinix 3G Router - 288 inputs and 576 Outputs
Studer Vista 8 audio mixer
Prepared for up to 9 EVS XT3 Servers
Operating Positions for 9 EVS Operators 

Short description of the OB Trailer:

This Trailer is ready to do all kind of live productions for sport and entertainment.
The special room layout gives you a big nr. of working places - 29 People
EVS positions for 10 operators plus a supervisor
Additional space in the big VT area
The nr. of cameras can be extended up to 28 camera chains, there is enough for additional CCU’s
Maximal space for 28 RCP’s

Technical specifications of the OB Trailer:
MOT certification of the Trailer until:
March 2023

First registration of the Trailer:

Measurements without Tractor:
Length: 16,3 mtrs.
Width: 4,2 mtrs extended – 2,4 mtrs. in road mode
Height: 4,0 mtrs
The Trailer requires a long wheel base tractor unit
2,5 mtrs. from the tailer pin to the rear of the tractor unit cab.

Trailer weight:
Actual weight: 20 Tons
Maximal weight: 30 Tons

Axle weight:
10.000kg per axle

Saddle height:
Standard Saddle Height

Extension and stabilizing legs:
Electrical controlled stabilizers on front and rear side

Hydraulic system:
Ipswich Hydraulic system as ASGB to control the extension, stabilizers etc.
Wired remote control system

Floor Lifter System:
Manual drop in hinged floors after openings
No floor lifter motors installed

UPS System:
UPS system that powers main camera and associated equipment to give a feed to the CTP in case of power failure – UPS lasts for 30 minutes for CCU 1 only

Power system:
1x 125 Ampere CEE three-phase
Video and air condition on the same power source

Walkable roof of the Trailer:
Yes walkable roof with fence -ready to place a live camera

Antenna pole on the roof:
2mtr pole antenna – no pump up mast

Air condition System – Hitachi:
Hitachi air condition system with 4 circles
All rooms are extra controllable
Last air condition service has been done in May 2022
Changes on AC in 2019 – 2 new compressors (50% of the system)

Tyres of the Trailer:
In good condition

Technical Details of the Video – Audio – Glue Equipment:

Video Matrix – 3G ready:             
Grass Valley Trinix 3G Router
288 inputs and 576 outputs
Grass Valley Jupiter router control system

OB Control System:
Grass Valley Jupiter control system for video and audio
Software version: Jupiter 7.5

Video Mixer Main Production Gallery:    
Sony MVS 8000G 4/ME switcher with 4 keys per M/E. 2.5D Resizers on each keyer.
2 Channels of DME – not 3G ready
Mixer has 54 inputs and 48 outputs                                         

Harris QS100 Quad splits on Sony LMD Monitors

Full integration with UMD and Tally

62 displays available in main production monitor wall.
Controlled through the video matrix

Prepared for up to 9 EVS XT3 Servers
Operating Positions for 9 EVS Operators

Audio Matrix:
Grass Valley Apex Audio router
160 stereo inputs and 160 stereo outputs
Madi inputs and outputs which interface to the Studer Vista 9, AES and Analog I/O 
Spot-On audio playback device on board

Audio Mixer:
Studer Vista 8 audio console in the audio gallery
With remote D21 stage box.
296 inputs and 240 outputs.
Desk with 40 + 10 + 2 Faders
- 4 Channel Bays with Vistonics™ Screens and motorized faders:
- 40 channel strips
- 40 dual bargraph meter and dual GRM meter in input channel strip
- 1 Control bay with:
- 2 Direct access faders
- 1 Vistonics Screen
- Monitoring, Talkback, section navigator, full dynamic automation, dedicated filtering and snapshot control keys
- 1 Pushbutton Unit with 16 PB
- standard meter panel equipped with:
- 8 digital bargraph meters in central section, free assignable
Desk layout: Faderbay / Faderbay / Control Bay / Faderbay / Faderbay
Desk size (in mm) l x h x w = 2096 x 587 x 966
DSP Core and Input / Output Equipment Frame(s) A
- 1 SCORE LIVE and Input / Output Frame 19'', 6U
- 2 D21m Input / Output Frame 19'',3U - each frame with redundant power supply
- 5 SCORE LIVE DSP boards - 1 SCORE LIVE Bridge board
- 1 Sync Generator board with internal 44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz reference clock allows external synchronization from word-clock, AES/EBU (44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz) or video sync (25/29.97 fps). Includes 3 AES/EBU sync outputs
- 24 analog Line output with 24 bit D/A converter
- 32 MIC/LINE input with 24bit A/D converter
- 16 analog Line input with 24 bit A/D converter
- 32 digital AES/EBU input converter
- 7 digital AES/EBU input with Sampling Rate Converter and
- 1 digital AES/EBU input with SFC for talkback to internal channels
- 35 digital AES/EBU output converter and
- 4 digital AES/EBU output for PFL and 5.1 CR monitoring
- 1 digital AES/EBU stereo output for Studio monitoring
- 3 MADI-Input / Output Board (HUB) with optical multimode fiber I/O
- 2 MADI-Input / Output Board (HUB) with optical single mode fiber I/O
- 1 RS422 Serial Merger Board - 3 HD-Core Link Board
- each frame with redundant power supply
- 3 19'' 1U Fan unit and 3 19'' 1U air deflection panel
- 3 19'' 1U air deflection panel with cable feedthrough
- 3 19'' / 1U BNC Breakout box for AES/EBU I/

2nd audio mixer in the audio gallery:
Mackie 1604-VL23 rack mount mixer with 16 inputs / 6 outputs

2nd Audio mixer in the TX Area:
Crest XR-20 20 inputs 9 outputs                                                 

Stage box:         
Studer D21 and Compact stage box                                                                                         

Dolby E 5.1:
Wired for Dolby
Encoders / decoders not included in sale         

Clearcom Eclipse 128 port talkback matrix with a variety of panels in operational Areas
4 Duplex RadioTalkback channels

Intercom panels:
11x 1U Clearcom intercom panels
3x 2U Clearcom intercom Panels

Maintenance of the OB Trailer:
The OB Trailer is very well serviced
The OB Trailer was new painted in 2022.
All brakes were replaced in 2019
All bearings were renewed in 2019

Lemo connectors on the rear side:
Lemo Triax FBB 4m Series - 6 triax camera connectors plus 6 for radio camera receivers (could also be used for CCUs) to make 12 CCU Triax cables

Not included in the OB Trailer basic package – available on request:
Camera chains, Lenses, Tripods, EVS systems, Recording machines, see the equipment list below

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

For more Information and Pictures please check the PDF below!

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