State of the Art brand new double side extended rack ready OB Trailer

State of the Art brand new double side extended rack ready OB Trailer

State of the Art brand new double side extended rack ready OB Trailer available for sale

We offer:

"State of the Art" brand new double side extended Rack Ready OB Trailer available for sale.
The OB Trailer is Ready for roll out.

Ready for technical implementation
Prepared for up to 24 camera chains
Space for up to 24 operational positions

Air condition system - Daikin - working for up to 50 degree Celsius outside temperature

Upgraded Programmable Logic Controller control system

Monitoring for the Power System

All ladders and handrails are made part of the coach so that there is no space requirement for those on the tender vehicle

Setup duration from ROAD to PRODUCTION mode or vice versa is less than 10 minutes

Weight of the Rack Ready OB Trailer: 24 tons


Technical Specifications of the OB Trailer:
Short facts:
Brand new double side extended OB Trailer prepared for up to 24 camera chains 
The OB Trailer is prepared for up to 24 operational positions and three operational areas

Available for sale:
The brand new state of the art double side extended OB Trailer is available for roll out.

Low liner chassis with 5th wheel height of 850 mm and full flat top finish at 1060 mm

The trailer has 3 axles and the axle closest to the king pin has auto lift function to provide smaller turning radius when making turns

6x Michelin, model X2+ Energy 445/45R 19.5 M+S

Suspension and brake system:
All suspension and brake system are Krone original systems with no modification. Even the original tail light is re-used on the coach. All systems are according to the European traffic rules

Maximum loaded weight of the Trailer:
36 tons for road permit

Estimated weight within setup with 24 x 4K/HD Cameras, 512x512 router, 120 input Video Mixer, Large audio console with 32 faders (Lawo 56, Studer Vista 5/6, Calrec Artemis), 3 EVS XT4 Servers all necessary glue, monitors, patch bays, cables, connectors and UPS is within 3 tons.

This expected system loaded weight should be around 27 – 28 Tons with a lot of spare to the maximum load limit.

Technical Data Coach building:
The coach is a double expanding type with left side opening a 10 meter long section for 90 cm and right side opening 12 meter long section for 130 cm. The right side expansion has open air walking platforms on both ends with 6 meters in the middle belonging to the main production area.


Working space – Audio Gallery  – Video production gallery – Video control + glue equipment gallery up to 24 working positions:

Audio Gallery:
Audio gallery: 2x working positions

Video production gallery: 
Video Production gallery front row – including video production and director: 
8x working positions
Slow motion 2nd  row 4x working positions
Slowmotion 3rd row 4x working positions

Videoproduction gallery in total 16 working positions:

Camera control & engineering area: 
Camera control & engineering area: 6x working positions

Power system – according to the European Health and Safety power regulation rules: 
The main connector is 125 Ampere CEE – 3 phase
The vehicles estimated maximum power budget is around 40 kVA. 
To provide additional tolerance everything is designed to accommodate 50 kVA total loads
There are 2x125A CEE Norm power input connectors in total to provide main & backup power to the OB
Fully compliant with IEC-60364-7-717 safety regulation.

Lighting system: 
The lighting system is based on 24 Volts DC operation throughout the vehicle. All lighting fixtures are selected as LED units working with 24 Volts. The main power control section of the lighting system provides power from the batteries when no external power. 

When external power is connected it automatically cuts off the battery line and switches to AC/DC adaptors. 4 sets of Omron 24 Volt, 500 Watt AC/DC adaptors are utilized to provide 24 Volt power to the lighting system. All LED fixtures that are dedicated to operational areas are dimmer controlled. 
All general purpose fixtures are on-off controlled. There are working lights inside cabinets, under tables and behind the racks to provide easy utilization when it is necessary to access these areas.
The OB Trailer has fully integrated ambient lighting to create desired color scheme. On top of that, the lighting system will be integrated with automation system thus each individual light will be able to be turned on and of both from switches on the walls as well as through the automation system. So if someone forgets to turn off some lights the engineer in charge can give all lights off command from his / her smart phone.

Air Condition System – prepared for up to more than 50 degrees outside temperature:
The AC system is from DAIKIN Multisplit Series and consists of 4 sets of AC system providing cooling and heating throughout the vehicle. There are 2 x 9 KW (30K BTU) units dedicated to air conditioning operational areas. Each of these two sets are connected to 2 x 5 KW Air Handling Units inside. 
There are 2 x 5 KW (18K BTU) units dedicated to air conditioning the main equipment racks. Each of these units are connected to single 5 KW Air Handling Units inside. The AHUs do suction from the top of the racks and provide cold air through flex shafts from the bottom of the racks. There is also a drainage system to drain the condensed water that will accumulate in the AHU when they are in cooling mode.
The operational areas air dispersion is through the grill system on the ceiling. The dispersion system is designed to provide no noise relaxed air flow that will gently flow down. The AC works until an outside temperature of more than 50 degrees celsius.

Hydraulic system:
All vehicle stabilization and expansion actions are done through a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system consists of three main components; the core consisting of oil tank, valves and pump, the pistons and the control system.
The hydraulics system is designed to work in three modes, automated, manual with power and manual with no power. 
The automated mode can be used either by the touch screen at the TP or through the cables hand control. In the event of automation system failure then the pump can be turned on manually from this cabinet and all pistons can be controlled by the levers on the combo valves. In the event of battery and power failure then the hand pump can be used in combination with the combo valves to prepare the vehicle for production or for road mode.
The stabilizing jacks are each 10 ton capable providing 40 tons of uplift capability. So even when fully equipped and with full operational staff there is no risk of jacks loosing height. All pistons have maintenance flaps that allows easy access to all for any maintenance and repair activities.

OB Trailer manufacturing process is as follows:

Main coach parts:
All coach parts up to semi-trailer chassis top level are from steel with anti corrosion treatment.
All hinges are full length stainless steel hinges. All doors and cabinet doors are aluminium with aluminium honeycomb panel inside for added rigidity and durability.

All coach parts above chassis top level are a composite structure with aluminium square tubes for the frame, 5000 series 2 mm thick aluminium sheet metal for outside, non flammable XPS hard foam for filling, and 9 mm birch plywood for inside.

The aluminium sheet metal is bended at the edges to provide better joint with the next plate. All joints are sealed with flexible silicone based gasket.

The roof composite has single piece fiberglass instead of the aluminium as used in the side walls. This is to improve waterproofing and to ensure longevity of the roof. There are only two access hatches on the roof and these are for the two AC units cooling the racks. All other AC units are accessible from the inside of the OB Trailer.

The furniture inside is from lightweight boat/yacht grade plywood with wood layering.

The paint process includes base primer specific for aluminium and two component acrylic automotive grade flexible paint for the finish.

All racks (system room, audio room and under table areas) have direct access doors on the coach body. The TP area has one set of 24 U 60 cm deep rack with enough space next to it for dual row motorized cable drums or for other purposes as the end user might require.

Operational Focus:
This OB Trailer has been designed and built for heavy sports production that will require a large number of cameras and a lot of slow motion playback during the production.

As such production will require both huge numbers of operational positions as well as huge space for equipment; special care has been given during the design stage to maximize both.

The OB Trailer expands on both sides and provides three operational areas. From left to right these are; Audio Production Room, Video Production Room and Camera Control & Engineering Room. In maximum occupancy a total of 24 operational positions are available, 2 in Audio Production Room, 16 in Video Production Room and 6 in Camera Control & Engineering Room.

The coach design also focuses on a short preparation time for the OB Trailer to switch between road and production modes. All ladders and handrails are made part of the coach so that there is no space requirement for those on the tender vehicle. Everything folds and stays in place, not requiring operational teams to move heavy items.

Typical duration from ROAD to PRODUCTION mode or vice versa is less than 10 minutes.

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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