State of the Art used HD OB Trailer and Tractor

State of the Art used HD OB Trailer and Tractor

State of the Art used HD OB Trailer and Tractor available for sale

We offer: 

USED “State of the Art” 
One side full extended HD OB Trailer and Tractor
The OB Trailer is looking like new and in top top condition
The OB Trailer was built in Germany in 2010
The OB Trailer is prepared for up to 20 camera chains
The OB trailer has 2 steering axles 
The OB Trailer was refurbished in 2017
Short description of the OB Trailer:
Single full-side extended HD OB Trailer and Tractor – full equipped - prepared for up to 20 full rack CCU camera chains.
The Coach of the Trailer was built in Germany in 2010 by “Hofmann Fahrzeugbau”.
The Trailer was totally refurbished in 2017 and is in super condition - outside and inside
Technical specifications of the OB Trailer: 
MOT certification of the Trailer until:
First registration of the Trailer:
August 2010
Measurements – not extended:
14,50m (Length) x 2,5m (Width), 4,0m (Height)
Measurements extended with the Tractor:
16m (Length) x 6m (Width), 4,0m (Height)
Trailer weight:
Full equipped 36.000 kg possible
Saddle height:
Standard saddle height - King Pin height of 1150 mm 
Extension and stabilizing legs:
Extension and stabilizing legs are electrical controlled – also manual control possible
Leveling system for the OB Trailer:
Electronic controlled system through “Siemens Libellen” screen system, also manual control possible
Hydraulic system:
VSE aggregate & pump, power take off for extension and stabilizers 
Cabled and wireless control units
Also manual pump available
Steering system:
2 axle Trailer with active VSE steering system with remote control
Control lamps for the steering outside on the Trailer and inside the Tractor
Automatic control for the wheels to point the wheels in straight direction
UPS System:
2x EATON 3KVA for PC, CAM 1 possible with embedded Audio
Power system:
2x 63 Ampere – CEE 2x isolating transformer incl. approx. 10% shift variation - pre-selectable
2x power cable – each 50 mtrs.- Dimension 5x 25mm power cable
Walkable roof of the Trailer:
Walkable roof in the 1st period of the Trailer – to mount a camera or Reporter
Electrical controlled Floor lifter system:
Electrical controlled Floor lifter system with 4 motors for to slide in/out the extension
Sat receiver on the roof:
Sat receiver on the roof – Oyster antenna – for to receive “off air” programs
12 meter hydraulic controlled Antenna
12 meter hydraulic controlled Antenna on the Trailer (to mount different Antennas)
Antennas on the roof: 
4xUHD +VHF (i.e.for Motorola walkie talkies) 
OB trailer is prepared to mount 2 double-Rifaces
Air condition System – 38 KW:
System Integrator: Hellwig & Lüneschloss - Germany (they equipped also the ARD/ZDF OB’s)
2 full redundant circles – each circle with 2 units – in total 4 units
The system is ready for cooling until an outside temperature of 50 degree Celsius 
Floor heating:
Floor heating system on all working places
Automatic lubricate system:
The OB Trailer has an automatic lubricate system for all moving parts of the Trailer.
Snow chains for the Trailer:
It is possible to mount snow chains on all axles of the Trailer
Stand heating and diesel tank:
The Trailer has 4x Webasto stand heating system with 150 Ltr. Diesel Tank.
Weather roof on the right side of the Trailer:
Weather roof on the right side - full length is electrical controlled comes up/out together with the extension.
Towing eyelet:
The Trailer has a big towing eyelet on the rear side
Lockable flaps:
All flaps from the Trailer are lockable – there are 2 different keys for the different flaps
Tyres of the Trailer:
Tyres of the Trailer are “Continental Scandinavia” Wintertyres, tyres were changed in 2018
Technical specifications of the OB Tractor:
OB Tractor:
The OB Tractor Mercedes Actros 1863 LS SZM was registered in 2017.
Mileage of the OB Tractor:
Euro Emission Norm of the Tractor:
Euro 6
Motor Power:
Horsepower = 630 / KW = 463
Battery charging system:
The OB Tractor is equipped with a Victron Battery charging for the hydraulic system – Battery charging during the drive is possible
Rear-view camera and navigation system:
The OB Tractor is equipped with a rear-view camera and navigation system - Snoope system – which is mounted in the driver cabin
Hydraulic control unit:
Hydraulic control unit inside the Tractor
Driver beds:
The OB Tractor has 2 driver Beds in the driving room
Tyres of the Tractor are “Continental Scandinavia” Wintertyres, tyres were changed in 2018
Room concept OB Trailer: Working space for up to 23 people

The OB Trailer has 4 separate rooms, divided with sliding doors:
Main Production Gallery is equipped with a Snell Kahuna 4ME Videomixer- full options -not 3G ready
2nd Production Gallery is equipped with a Snell Kahuna 2ME Mixer + 1ME spare Mixer
Each Mixer can do 4 DPM , 8DPM on 1 Mixer possible (we can shift the DPM’s from one to the other mixer and we can combine them in to total 8 DPM’s)
Extra Vision Control and Recording Area with 1 extra EVS position.
The Videomatrix and all cabling is 3G ready – Level 3G-B 
Audio Gallery:
Audio Gallery is equipped with a Lawo MC56 MKII Audio desk -from the year  2017 with full options including 6 DSP cards – each card has 48 channels
Audio mixer is prepared for up to 6x Stageboxes
All production galleries and the audio gallery are prepared for Dolby E.
2x Genelec pre-listen sound boxes for all galleries are included.
All production galleries are pre-wired for 3x DolbyE Encoder and 3 Dolby Ex Decoder
Dolby E Encoder/Decoder are not included – on request
EVS positions – prepared for 7 EVS machines with 10GIG EVS connections for in total 64 EVS channels – all channels connected with Video Matrix + Audio Matrix:
4 EVS positions in the main production gallery 
2 EVS positions in the 2nd production gallery
1x extra EVS position in the Vision control area
Prewired for 2x X-file systems
Prewired for EVS storage systems
Recording positions:
The OB is prepared for up to 8 Recording machines
Intercom System – Riedel Artist mainframes 128+64:
Riedel Artist 128 Matrix
Riedel Artist 64 Matrix
14x 1012E panels – all buttons are working perfectly
8x 1216E panels - all buttons are working perfectly
Both Matrix have a power redundancy plus redundancy control cards
The Artist systems are pre wired for Riedel Bolero AES switch and AES cards
NTP-Network time protocol for AES cards included
2x SPG Generator included

OB control system -VSM:
The OB has a VSM/Lawo technical redundant control + setup system
2xPC with 2 Licenses -License upgrade is always free of charge 

Maintenance of the OB Trailer: 
The OB Trailer is very well serviced
The OB Trailer was new painted in 2017.
All spare parts for the OB Trailer Chassis are still available 

Price on request:

Excl. VAT
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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