State of the art used rack ready flight case production set

State of the art used rack ready flight case production set

State of the art used rack ready flight case production set available for sale

We offer:

State of the art used rack ready flight case production Setup
Flight case setup for up to 8 CCU live camera chains
All Video Cabling is 3G/1080p ready
Enough space to implement 4K/3G Equipment

Power system with 63A and 32A connection and UPS included
4x Trotec air condition system with 3,4 kW cooling capacity each

Working positions flight case setup:
Production Gallery, Audio Gallery, EVS/editorial position and Vision Control
12 working spaces in total on all positions

Built in Germany
Flight case has been used at different sport and event productions

Not included within the flight case setup:
Audio mixer, video mixer, intercom system, VSM software, camera chains, lenses, slow-motion server, etc. – available on request

Short Description flight case setup:
The rack ready flight case setup is prepared for 8 CCU live camera chains. It has been used in the past for sport and event productions. The flight case setup has in total 4 dedicated positions with production gallery, audio gallery, EVS/editing/editorial and vision control and provides working space for in total 12 people.
All audio and video cabling for this flight case production setup is included, as it has been used in the past. All video cabling included is 3G / 1080p.
The power system is built on a 63A, 32A and 220V power supply with dedicated connections. The included UPS system can power through a separate power circle the operation of main camera, dedicated monitors, a stage box, all RCPs, sync generators, and PGM monitors in production gallery and audio gallery for approx. 15 minutes.
The package of the flight case production setup contains also all cases listed on the pictures, all monitors listed below and the central equipment area where all equipment servers etc. are installed and stored during the production. All cases are coming with wheels.
All video/audio cabling plans, schematics, diagrams, network flowcharts etc. are available in very detailed scope.

Technical specifications production Areas:

Production Gallery:
Space for 4 people: Vision mixer, vision mixer assistant, director, editorial staff
Equipment included:
2x Sound boxes
2x 49” Monitors with multiviewer preview

Vision Control:
Space for 4 people: Engineer, shader, video technician and 1x additional
Possibility to install 10 OCPs for live camera chains
Equipment included:
2x 49” Monitors with multiviewer

Space for 3 persons: 2x SloMo operator + VTR Operator
Rack contains:
Prepared for 4x Recording stations
Equipment included:
1x 49” Monitor with Multiviewer

Audio Gallery:
Space for 2 persons: Audio engineer and audio technician
Prepared for 6x main-speakers (5.1)
Audio Rack:
Prepared for 2 audio codecs
Prepared for diverse external effect - devices
Equipment included:
1x 24” Monitor for audio config/audio rec
1x 49” Monitor for multiview preview
1x 32” PGM Monitor

Central Equipment Racks:
2x Network core switch + Switches in all Tables
Patch fields for connections between the racks
1x Eaton UPS system
Power supplies via 63A, 32A and 220V Connections possible

Trotec air condition System:
4x Trotec PAC 3500 X air condition systems
Each system with the following specifications:
Cooling capacity: 3,4 kW
Air Vlume: 373 m3/h
Operation Range: 18-32°C
Power Supply: 230V / 50Hz

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

Detailed technical description, blockdiagrams and pictres is listed in the PDF sheet below!

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