Used Cartoni C20 S Tripod System

Used Cartoni C20 S Tripod System

Used Cartoni C20 S Tripod System available for sale

We offer:
Up to used Cartoni C 20S tripod system for sale

Tripod is in very good condition

Set is consisting of:
1x Cartoni C 20S tripod head
2x Panbars
1x Case for tripod legs

Technical Description:
The C20S is designed to provide a particularly stable support for EFP configurations, ready to operate with a wide range of cameras weighing from 7 to 35 kg (15 to 77 lbs)
C20S features three award winning fluid damping modules assuring outstanding drag levels and extraordinary smoothness in both pan and tilt modes.
Movements can be selected with 7 precisely repeatable steps of drag, while free wheeling is available by simply setting the drag selector ring into position “0”.
Counterbalance is activated by an easy grip selector in 7 progressive steps and “0” free wheeling.
The C20S comes with a 100 mm bowl base, illuminated spirit level and one telescopic pan bar.


Interfaces with all 100 mm bowl base tripods.

AH869 adapter for Cartoni P20

AH863 adapter for Cartoni Pedestal P40 P70+P70 Steering

AT854 converter for 150mm tripods

Technical Data 
Weight 6.5 kg/14 lbs
Minimum Payload Capacity 7 kg/15 lbs
Maximum Payload Capacity35 kg/77 lbs
Bowl Diameter100 mm
Fluid Drag
7 steps + 0
7 steps + 0
Tilt Range
Operational temperature
-40°/+60° Celsius

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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