Used Clear Com Eclipse Pico Intercom Matrix

Used Clear Com Eclipse Pico Intercom Matrix

Used Clear Com Eclipse Pico Intercom Matrix available for sale

We offer:

Used Clear Com Eclipse Pico Intercom Matrix

1x used Clear Com Eclipse Pico intercom matrix

Used Clear Com intercom panels:
2x used Clear Com PD4294 EBLX intercom panels

All equipment has been tested and is working
Available as single pieces or as package deal

Technical specifications:

Used Clear Com Eclipse Pico intercom system:

The Eclipse PiCo frame is a 1RU digital matrix intercom frame.
The front panel of the Eclipse-PiCo provides controls (pushbuttons), indicator lights and a display for operating the System
1RU digital matrix intercom frame
36 analogue ports
8 onboard GPOs and 8 onboard GPIs
Intelligent linking of up to 64 matrices with 4-wire trunks and LAN

Power Consumption: 60W Max. per inlet
No. of Panel Compatible Ports: 32
No. of Analog Audio Ports: 4
No. of Power Supply Units: 2
No. of Ports Per System (max.): 36 per system; 72 ports from 2 PiCo linked matrices

Matrix Performance
Sample Rate: 48kHz
Resolution: 24 bit
Frequency Response: at 48kHz sampling: 30 Hz - 22kHz ± 3 dBu
Crosstalk (Adjacent Channel): <-70dBu
Nominal Level: 0dBu
Matrix Headroom: 18dBu
Distortion: <0.05 %, at 0dBu, 300Hz to 10kHz; <0.1 %, at 0dBu, 100Hz - 20kHz
Off Noise: <-98dBu relative to +18dBu, 20Hz - 22kHz
On Noise: <-83dB relative to +18dBu, 20Hz - 22kHz
Key Response, Intra-System: <40ms for audio route
Linked Systems: <60ms for audio between Matrices

2x used Clear Com panels PD4294 EBLX Desktop Panels:
16 programmable pushbuttons, including reply, locally and centrally programmable
Dual row alphanumeric displays (4 or 8 character choice)
Shift button allows access to another 16 programmable pushbuttons 
Soft button for local programming of pushbutton assignments
LS cut facility 
Rotary encoder for crosspoint level Control
Programmable pushbuttons for talk, listen, talk & listen, talk & forced listen and dual talk & listen functions
Loudspeaker output jack
Separate audio signals to Main and Aux level controls
DC mains powered (by supplied AC Power Adapter)
Audio and control interface options card including GPI's
Full signalisation of send and receive routes
Plug-in microphone or headset operation
Microphone gain, headset gain and side-tone adjustment at rear 
Headset connector with pushbutton select

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