Used Delec commentary and Tellix Intercom Setup

Used Delec commentary and Tellix Intercom Setup

Used Delec commentary and Tellix Intercom Setup available for sale

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Used Delec commentary and Tellix Intercom Setup

Delec commentary setup is consisting of:
6x Delec triple commentary units
1x Delec Oratis intercom System
1x Delec Oratis Remote Panel

Tellix Intercom Setup is consisting of:
1x Tellix-fiber set mainframe with 10 port cards á 8 ports (80 x 80)
20x Tellix Station
4x Neurik fiber box
4x Tellix RJ45 XLR box
4x Tellix Fiber Set with ADS 1250 TRA
2x Tellix Fiber Set with ADS 1250 TRB in a Peli Case

Technical specifications Delec Oratis triple commentary units:
Commentator terminal features include:
Integrated talkback function
Integrated foldback function
Three assignable stereo aux signals
Remote set-up over the network
Remote control (technical assistance) over the network
Redundant networking
Failsafe fallback mix including cell-phone support
Ready for intercom-module Installation
Phantom Plus for Noise Guard headsets (optional)
Toggle Commentary / Translator mode
BNC connectors for two LED gossneck lamp 

Technical specifications Delec Oratis intercom system:
All audio signals are converted with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 24-bit word width
The internal resolution is 32-bit fixed point and the bus system is a TDM System
The system consists of a matrix frame with I/O cards as well as microphone stations and commentator units connected via Ethernet
The matrix offers the function of a fully summable audio matrix.

The entire system can be completely configured and maintained remotely using software, both offline and online. The configuration computer, like the commentator unit, is connected via Ethernet. The configuration software allows not only key assignments but also logic links to be implemented, making the configuration options very comprehensive and flexible.
A very interesting feature is that you can provide technical support to the commentator using the software from the control room (see photo above) or the OB van. If e.g. If, for example, a control was not pushed up or the microphone was not activated, this can be done remotely. The software also gives you control over what the commentator is currently doing.

Technical description Tellix intercom System:
The operating modules of the Tellix system are integrated into the commentator terminals and the necessary audio and control data can be exchanged with the OB van via the GBit network of the commentator terminal, so that no additional line has to be drawn to the commentator's position.

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