used full redundant HD SNG Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI

used full redundant HD SNG Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI

used full redundant HD SNG Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI in top condition.

Main facts – Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI

This SNG was used mainly as signal receiver and distributor on F1 races. On the rear, there where editing suites installed.

This SNG was used not more than 40 times

This SNG can be easily upgraded to a 4-6 camera SNG with a big space to work.

Due to the big space on the long side, it is enough space for up to 7 people.

The SNG is equipped with a Swe Dish 150 KM drive away system – full motorized.

Equipped with  2x HPA’s  Xicom 400 K,  2x outdoor Blockup converter, 1 redundancy switch, this combination grants enough power on the uplink side.

All is in top condition

SNG facts:

Net weight empty vehicle:


Gross load weight:

7350 mm length x 1990mm width x 4320 mm height

First registration:

Euro Emission:
Euro 5

32241 km – Service will be made before sale

Motor Volume:
3000 ccm

Motor power:
140 KW

1x 380V/32A CEE or 2x230V/16A CEE

Included cable length to power connection:

Power Generator:
No onboard generator – enough space to mount

Aircondition – 2 circles – production gallery and on the rear:
Type: Truma Saphir comfort

1,5m Swe Dish 150 KM drive away  
2x DBV MPEG 2 Encoder with integrated DVB modulator

Satellite registration - valid:

2x Xicom XT 400 K – one was full serviced  from Powerlink in December 2017

Block upconverter:
2 Peak Blockup converter are included

for 2x GSM telphones

Price on request:
excluding VAT
excluding shipping & insurance costs
excluding custom fees

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