Used Grass Valley HD wireless system with LDK 8000 Elite camera head

Used Grass Valley HD wireless system with LDK 8000 Elite camera head

Used Grass Valley HD wireless system with LDK 8000 Elite camera head available for sale

We offer:

1x used Grass Valley HD wireless system with LDK 8000/70 Elite camera head
With LDK 5464/10 HD wireless camera adapter
Triax – Fisher connectors

System is consisting of:
1x used LDK 8000/70 Elite camera head
1x used LDK 5464/10 camera adapter
1x LDK 4470/10 WCU base Station
1x used LDK 5466/22 Antenna Adapter
1x used LDK4466/10 antenna management unit (wireless)
1x LDK 4453/22 Antenna RF receiver
1x used LDK 4454/60 Antenna carrier
1x Battery plate on the camera -IDX-V-Mount
2x flight case 

Age of equipment: 2011

Frequency range: 2.2-2.4 Ghz

All equipment is in perfect condition

Technical facts per system:

HD Wireless Camera Adapter – LDK 5464:
Video compression: JPEG2000
Latency adjustable between 3 and 7 fields (genlock of the camera head via radio)
Modulation type: Enhanced proprietary COFDM
DC-IN 11 to 17 Volt
HDSDI video output SMPTE259M
2 audio channels (MIC / LINE not switchable)
Connection for Intercom headset XLR 5-pin
Frequency range: 2.0 to 2.2 or 2.2 to 2.4 GHz
Transmitter output power 60mW
Bandwidth 18 MHz
Bit rate 35 to 70 MHz
Range approx. 200 m with line of sight

HD Wireless Control Unit (WCU) - LDK 4470:
2 triax connections for antenna carriers
3 video outputs SD or HD, one of them text superimposed
2 audio outputs XLR
Connections for intercom (producer, engineering and programming sound)
Connections for tally (tally, isolated and preview)
Connection for genlock (SD Blackburst or Tri-Level Sync)
2 CVBS outputs for Monitoring

Antenna carrier - LDK 4454/60:
Modulation type FSK
Transmitter output power 250mW
Bandwidth <150kHz
Frequency range 454 to 462 MHz in 50 kHz steps
Range approx. 1 km with line of sight

In this configuration the camera communicates wirelessly with the antenna management unit (AMU). The AMU is connected to the Wireless Control Unit (WCU) via a triax cable. Triax cable between AMU and WCU; maximum length is 800m (14mm), 600m (11mm) or 400m (8mm).

Triax cable is not included – avaialble on request

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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