Used HD OB Trailer prepared for 16 camera chains incl Volvo FH480 Tractor

Used HD OB Trailer prepared for 16 camera chains incl Volvo FH480 Tractor

Used HD OB Trailer prepared for 16 camera chains incl Volvo FH480 Tractor available for sale!

We offer:

Used one side extended HD OB Trailer prepared for 16 camera chains incl. Volvo FH480 Tractor

Short description of the OB Trailer:
This OB trailer has a unique and highly flexible system design for a full height expansion room concept.
With up to 16 possible camera chains, 2 production galleries, this OB is ready to do big productions on the sports and entertainment field.
On board is a Kayak HD 4,5 M/E video mixer main frame with 2,5ME control panel in the main production gallery and an additional Kayak HD 1ME Mixer for the 02nd production gallery. A high performance 160x256 Trinix HD router (can be extended to 256x256) and a full line of Gecko Flex series Modulars devices for signal processing.
Rounding out the complement of advanced systems is a Lawo mc² 56 digital mixing system, which was implemented in 2015, with DSP Core and Dallis I/O frames; a Riedel Artist 128 mainframe intercom system; Avitech and Evertz multiviewers; and Penta LCDs
The OB has a redundant Lawo VSM control system built in in 2014.

The OB Trailer is in very good condition
The OB Trailer was built in Germany in 2009
The OB Trailer is prepared for up to 16 camera chains
The OB Trailer has 2 independent production galleries
The OB trailer is a 3 axle Trailer with hydraulic steering system for 2 axles
The OB Trailer has a “low liner” saddle
Webasto external heating system with an 80 Ltrs. Diesel tank
Electrical extension and stabilizers
Hydraulic controlled Antenna mast - 08mtrs.
3x16 Ampere extra Diesel generator for extending the side wall without main power
Sandwich frame construction covered in Aluminium

Video Mixer:
Grass Valley Kayak HD250 - 4,5M/E Mainframe
Main mixer panel with 2,5 M/E
Subpanel 1 M/E in the 02nd production room

Audio Mixer:
Lawo MC56 MKII – built in 2015 – fully loaded
2x Dalis Stageboxes

Intercom System:
Riedel Artist 128 Mainframe
11 panels Intercom included

Redundant Lawo VSM OB control System

Technical specifications of the OB Trailer:


MOT certification of the Trailer until:
August 2022
First registration of the Trailer:
June 2009
Measurements Trailer – not extended:
13,88m (Length) x 2,55m (Width), 4,0m (Height)
Measurements with the Tractor - extended in working mode:
16,31m (Length) x 4m (Width), 4,0m (Height)
Length Tractor and with Trailer when rear hatch opened is approx. 18,0m
Trailer weight:
Full equipped 35.000 kg possible
Actual weight: 26.780kg without the mobile Equipment
Possible weight on each of the axles:
9.000 kg front axle
9.000 kg middle axle
9.000 kg rear axle
Saddle height:
Low Liner Version
King Pin 2
Electrical extension System
Extension can be moved without main power through 3x 16A Diesel Generator
Steering System:
2 axle Trailer with hydraulic steering System
UPS System:
3x 6KVA Online UPS units (one per each Phase)
5-10 minutes without normal power are possible (depending on the amount of additional equipment)
All AV equipment is connected on the video/audio side
Power system:
2x 63 Ampere – CEE 2x isolating transformer incl. approx. 10% shift variation - pre-selectable
2x power cable – each 50 mtrs.
Walkable roof of the Trailer:
Walkable roof with fence
Electrical controlled Floor lifter system:
8 electrical motorized floor lifters are installed
At least 2 of the 8 motorized floor lifters have been renewed in the past
Air condition System – Daikin – ready for up to 43 degrees  - can be modified to more than 50 degrees:
2 circles – all rooms are extra controllable
The system is ready for cooling until an outside temperature of +43 degree Celsius – upgrade to 50 degree is possible
Total air condition service has been made in April 2021 with:
• Tightening of the electrical terminals of all cooling units (including in the electrical panel under the OB truck)
• Checking electrical parameters
• Opening the sunroofs of indoor units, cleaning the room where the indoor unit is located, lubricating the door mounting bolts
• Cleaning of external equipment, checking of refrigerant pressures and adding the refrigerant
• Checking of refrigerant leakage (maximum allowed 10% per year)
• Checking of fan motors and bearings
• Checking of compressor
• Checking of automation and sensor
Daikin VRV Checker diagnostic tool was used for service procedures.
Stand heating and Diesel tank - 80 Liters:
The Trailer has an external Webasto Diesel heating system with 80 Liter Diesel Tank that can be used while driving in cool climates, so that the premises are already preheated when you arrive at the venue.
Sandwich frame construction of the Trailer:
Sandwich frame construction is covered by Aluminium
Tyres of the Trailer:
Mix of Tyres between 2013 til 2019
Chassis builder of the Trailer:
Karosseriewerk Krämer GmbH in Germany
Major repairing of the Trailer:
Axels, breaks and rear lights repaired in 2021

Technical specifications of the OB Tractor:

OB Tractor:
Volvo FH 480
Frist registration:
April 2006
MOT of the Truck valid until:
August 2022
Measurements of the Truck:
Length: 6,0m x Width: 2,5m x Height: 4,0m
Possible weight on the front and rear axle:
6.700 kg front axle
11.500 kg rear axle
Mileage of the OB Tractor:
377.700 km
Euro Emission Norm of the Tractor:
Euro 3
Motor Power:
480 HP
Driver beds:
The OB Tractor has 2 driver Beds in the drivers cabin
BONO PROTT 11/2018
Steering axle received new tyres this year
Major repairing of the Truck:
Filters, oils, engine, engine belts, gearbox, front breaks, axles and clutch were maintained and repaired in December 2020



Technical facts - Production equipment – Trailer
The following parts of technical equipment were changed or updated in the last years
1) 2009 SloMo Replay & CG servers' movement (from Engineering area to 2nd Production area)
2) 2014 three Online UPS units were added (one per each Phase)
3) 2014 Broadcast Controller System replaced (from GV Andromeda/Jupiter to Lawo VSM)
4) 2015 Audio Production Console replaced (from mc2 56 MK I to mc2 56 MK II)
5) 2018 new KVM System installed
6) 2018 LCD displays replaced on SloMo Replay workplaces
7) 2019 Video Switcher upgrade (boards and licenses added)

Room concept OB Trailer:
Working space for up to 20 people The OB Trailer has 4 separate Rooms

Main Production Gallery:
The Main Production Gallery is equipped with a Grass Valley Kayak HD250 4,5ME Videomixer which is connected with two control panels: 2,5ME control panel in the main production desk and 1 ME Control
panel for the video mixer in the 2nd production gallery. All 4,5 MEs are selectable for the 2,5 ME control panel - 4 DPM's per ME; 16 ME in total – Video mixer is not 3G ready
Video cards: Main board + 4x 771-0390-00/A + 1x 771-0390-01/A

2nd Production Gallery:
The 2nd Production Gallery is equipped with a 1ME control panel for the 4,5ME Grass Valley Kayak  Video Mixer Main Frame which is placed in the central equipment room. All 4,5 MEs are selectable for the 1 ME control panel. In addition a 2nd audio mixer Behringer X32 Producer is installed in the 2nd Production Gallery. 

Video matrix – Grass Valley Trinix:
Size of the video matrix is 160x256.
There is still space for 3x input Cards.
The video matrix cannot be upgraded to 3G

Multiviewing system – controlled through the video matrix:
Multiviewing system for Main Production desk:  6x Evertz 7767VIPA12-HSN+3RU on 6x Penta 42" HD2line LCD DisplaysMultiviewing system for SloMo Replay desk: 4x Avitech MCC-8004U Universal Modules on 4x Samsung LCD MonitorsMultiviewing system for 2nd Production desk: Evertz 7867VIPA16-DUO-HS on 1x Penta 47" HD2line LCD display + 2x Avitech MCC-8004Q Fixed Quad Split Modules on 2x IQ Automation 19" LCD MonitorsMultiviewing system for Engineering area: 3x Avitech MCC-8004U Universal Modules on 3x JVC 20" LCD Monitors (There are 3 Avitech MCC-8004U modules for 2nd, 3rd and 4th JVC 20" monitors in Engineering area. First monitor from the left is JVC 21" for TOM. This is usually used without Multiviewer, but if needed could be used with one of the Evertz 7767VIP4-HSN+3RU quad split through the Video Matrix.)Multiviewing system for Audio area: 3x Avitech MCC-8004U Universal Modules on 1x Penta 37" HD2line LCD DisplayAdditional Multiviewers connected to the Video natrix: 4x Evertz 7767VIP4-HSN+3RU (These multiviewers can be routed through the video matrix anywhere additional quad splits are needed inside the OB Trailer or outside in the venue.

Audio Gallery:
Audio Gallery is equipped with a Lawo MC56 MKII Audio desk - from the year 2015 - with full Options
2x Dallis audio stage boxes
1x Dolby E Encoder - Decoder is not included

DSP core configuration:
- 12 MADI interfaces:
     3 used for Local Dallis I/O frames
     4 used for Stagebox connections
     5 used for optional Madi connections

- 3 DSP cards for total 144 full DSP channels @ 48kHz
- 1 Router Control Card
- 64 AES/EBU digital inputs w. SRC (32 unbalanced, 32 balanced)
- 64 AES/EBU digital outputs (32 unbalanced, 32 balanced)

- up to 10m cables for connecting DSP core with control desk
- 2 x 3m optical MMF cables for connecting 1 local DALLIS frame with HD core (MADI I/O)

I/O DALLIS Frames Configuration (in Truck):
3 x 19"/3U card frames with totally:
- 3 pc. Master cards MADI (without redundant MMF port)
- 12 HD-SDI Embedder/Deembedder (Inserter Mode)
- 24 Mic/Line inputs (monoequivalent, el. balanced)
- 16 analog line inputs (monoequic. el. balanced)
- 16 analog line outputs (monoequiv. , el. balanced) for outp. Groups, AUX, Master, insert sends, etc.
-   8 analogue outputs for main console Monitoring
-  16 GPI output
-   8 GPI Inputs
-  red. PSU

1x RiFace Radiocom VHF duplex base-station, which consist of 2 Motorola GM360 Two-way Mobile Radio stations and Riedel housing interfacing these Motorola Mobile Radio stations with the Riedel Intercom Matrix

- 3x Motorola GP344 walkie talkies
- 8x Motorola GP 844 walkie talkies
Walkie talkies are working in frequency range of 400MHz - 500MHz
7x iCom IC-F25 and
1x iCom IC-F4022S walkie talkies

These can also be used to talk with radiocom base-station

Audio Matrix Lawo Nova was implemented in 2009.

Vision Area:
Currently prepared for 16 RCPs
Grass Valley LDK 8000 and LDX 80 camera chains have been used on the OB lately
Camera chains are not included – available on request

EVS positions – prepared for 3 EVS machines for in total 16in/10out EVS channels:
4 EVS positions in the main production gallery
Through KVM system it would be possible to replace or add 1-2 positions for SloMo Replay Operators on Main Production desk, 1-2 positions on 2nd Production desk or 1 position on Camera Shading desk

Recording / VTR:
6x VTRs are possible
They are placed in a reversible rack in the edge of the 2nd Production Area

Intercom System – Riedel Artist 128 mainframe:
Riedel Artist 128 Matrix
Fully redundant System

Riedel Intercom Panels:
4x RCP 1028E
5x RCP 1012E
3x RCP 2016 P4

OB control system - VSM:
Lawo VSM control system has two HP DL 320e Gen 8 V2 servers for redundancy, but both servers have single integrated PSU with no possibility to add redundant PSU
4x LBP 51 button control Panel
2x LBP 17 button control Panel

Technical Details of the Video – Audio – Glue Equipment:
Video Formats: HD / SD - SDI
Video Matrix:
Grass Valley Trinix 160x256 (can be extended to 256x256)
OB control System: Lawo VSM Control, redundant
Video Mixer Main Production Gallery:  
Grass Valley Kahuna 4,5 ME with 2,5ME panel -not 3 G ready
Video Mixer 2nd Production Gallery:      Grass Valley Kahuna 4,5 ME with 1ME panel -not 3 G Ready 

EVS: Pre-cabled for up to 3 EVS servers with up to 16 EVS channels in total connected with Video matrix& Audio matrix
EVS server not included – available on request

VTR: pre-cabled for up to 6 units
VTR not included – available on request

AudioFormat: Analog, Digital AESAudio Matrix: HD Core
Audio Mixer: Lawo mc2 56 MK II - built in 2015 with full Options 3 DSP cards for total 144 full DSP channels
Stage boxes: 2x LAWO Dallis audio Stage boxes
Intercom: Riedel Artist M 128 Matrix
1x Riedel RifaceIntercom panels:
4x RCP 1028E 5x RCP 1012E
3x RCP 2016 P4
Rear side of the Trailer:
Video connectors: 16 Fisher Triax & 10x Lemo SMPTE Fiber

Price on request:

Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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