Used HD SNG Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI - 1+1 redundant SNG

Used HD SNG Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI - 1+1 redundant SNG

Used HD SNG Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI - 1+1 redundant SNG available for sale

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Used HD SNG Mercedes Sprinter 519 CDI - 1+1 redundant SNG

Prepared for 2 CCU camera chains

Right hand drive Vehicle
Can be changed to left hand drive easily
First registration in May 2010

2x 150W Stellar Outdoor HPAs

The vehicle is prepared for 2x CCU camera chains, 1x EVS 12 channel server, 1x graphic position , 1x recording position
All new cabling has been done 2 years ago
(Camera chains, EVS servers, graphic and recording systems are not included – available on request!)

Condition of the vehicle:
The vehicle has zero rust!
The original Mercedes engine block spare part sticker is still on the engine.
It runs fine, is in good order.
The vehicle is in very good condition.

First registration:
31st of May 2010

245.100 km

Length: 7,2 mtrs
Height: 3,3 mtrs
Width: 2,0 mtrs

Euro Emission Norm:
Euro Norm 4

Maximum weight:

Hydraulic Jacks:
There are electric/hydraulic jacks (HWH), an auxiliary 12V battery for the jacks plus an automatic connect/disconnect relay between vehicle battery and aux battery.
Also an automatic 230V 20A battery charger.

Manual awning:
Manual awning on the left side of the vehicle

Tyres of the vehicle:
Pirelli all season tyres are from November 2018 and are in very good condition

Coolant and water pump repaired in February 2020
Pressure Transducer – changed
Suspension – changed

Working places inside the vehicle:
1x video gallery working place
1x audio gallery working place
1x vision control working place
1x cutter working place
1x editorial working place

Video Gallery:
Video Mixer:
1x Videomixer Panasonic AV-HS450
16 In / 4 Out

4x 19” TV Logic Monitors

16x16 Nevion Matrix
6x 8 channel synchronizer
4x 8 channel embedder

Measuring device:
Tektronix WVR 5000



Audio Gallery:
Audio Mixer:
Yamaha O1V96
Stereo / Surround
Prepared for Surround DolbyE

Sound Boxes:

Audio Matrix:
Evertz 16x16

Intercom Matrix:
Delec Digital Matrix – 8x8

N-1 Codec:
Mayah & Centauri 3001

Editorial place:
Audio Mixer
Yamaha DM1000

Voice over:
Located in the drivers cabin – behind the driver seat

Dish type and size:
Advent Newswift180 - 1.8m diameter

HPAs: STELLAR outdoor HPAs:
2x 150W STELLAR Outdoor HPAs
Helix power HPA 1: 00,3
Operation hours HPA1: HV hours: 400 – SB hours: 46
Helix power HPA 2: 00,2
Operation hours HPA2: HV hours: 3431 – SB hours: 2744

Tandberg Encoder/Decoder:
2x Encoder Tandberg Evolution 5000
2x Decoder Tandberg RX8200

The encoders (E8040) can work with any symbol rate from 1.0 to 14.4 SR (1-18MHz), in QPSK / 8PSK / 16 APSK / 32APSK.
They have max of four audio pairs (4x2), BISS, SD or HD, MPEG2 or MPEG4 in 4:2:0.
Encoder output is L-Band, and both encoders can be on-air at the same time.
The upconverters are inside the HPA's.
A laptop controls Encoders and receivers but can also control the antenna and HPA controller.
It is however more practical to control antenna and HPA from the front panel of the controller inside the truck.
The receivers are simple Tandberg RX8200, and can handle everything the encoders can do, but no 16APSK or 32APSK.

Workflow Uplink system:
Advent Newswift180 antenna was built for roof-mount HPA, but can be converted for indoor HPA, if necessary.
The antenna has a pod, a sort of protective case on the bottom.
Inside the pod is the Advent controller electronics, 2 x 180W nominal Stellar HPA with built-in upconverters, the motors and gearboxes, dummy load.
Azimuth gearbox and spindle-bearings has been removed about a year ago.

On the roof is also a small Coleman air conditioner, an automatic Astra/Hotbird receiving unit for SD and HD, and six communication whip antennas for GSM and two-way radio. There is also a roof camera, rigging lights, etc.
Inside is totally everything else needed for transmission, including monitors for video and audio. There is a push-button router for embedded, very practical for switching signals to encoders, monitors, etc.
Two-carrier is also possible.

There is a Courtyard test-pattern generator, also with colour bars, moving station ID, audio, a Courtyard VALID-signal for checking synchronicity of video/audio.
It has Advent ACU dish controller, HPA-controller. The dish controller has an auto-locate function, but that needs new software from Advent.

Storage Area:
In the rear compartment, the vehicle has an auxiliary equipment rack on the left side, and a mains isolation transformer plus HWH electric/hydraulic jack system and auxiliary battery on the right side. 
The isolation transformer can be removed or bypassed if law permits.
There are 3 phase 16A input and output.
Nothing in the truck needs 400V, so all three phases of the van can work on one single incoming 230VAC phase. The isolation transformer is heavy (ca. 100kg) and big, about 40 x 80cm.
In case it is not needed it can be left out.
Paper documentation for mains, 12V, HF, etc. is available and up-to-date.

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