Used Imagine Platinum XV 144 x 144 3G video router

Used Imagine Platinum XV 144 x 144 3G video router

Used Imagine Platinum XV 144 x 144 3G video router

We offer:

1x used Imagine Platinum VX 4RU 144 x 144 3G Video Router

Package consisting of:
1x Platinum VX 4RU - up to 144X144 Modular Video Only Router
(includes one video crosspoint and control card module)
4x PV-24C-IOG Platinum VX SD/HD/3G Modular 24 input and 24 output
Coax Video I/O Module
1x PV-144X144-3G4 Platinum VX SD/HD/3G 144X144 Video Crosspoint and Control Card

Additional these panels are available:
1x RCP 32 LCD Panel
1X RCP 16 LCD Panel
2XRCP 32 OLED Panels
3X RCP16 OLED Panels

Video router was built in November 2017
Redundant power supply
Video Router can be extended to 144x144 with additional cards – additional cards on request

Technical Specification:
Platinum VX 4RU Frame
The Platinum VX 4RU frame is a modular design that enables it to be configured to order and expanded in the field as needed. Each I/O module supports 24×24 HDBNC or SFP connectivity. Supported SFP modules include optical, HDBNC, analog conversion and HDMI. When fully populated, the Platinum VX 4RU frame supports a 144X144 matrix. The power supplies for the 4RU Platinum VX are housed inside the frame and can support full redundancy. 
The Platinum VX can also coexist in a system along with Platinum MX or Platinum IP3. Under the Magellan control system, tie-lines can be created to connect Platinum VX, Platinum MX and Platinum IP3 frames into a single system.

Fiber and electrical connectivity
Uses SFP and HD-BNC modules for complete configuration flexibility

Clean and Quiet 
Processing Two channels of clean and quiet output each with access to all inputs on the device. Each channel is independent and supports a variety of transition types including, V-fade, Cut-fade, fade-cut, and cross fade, in addition to an immediate cut transition.

Built-in Magellan Control
Eliminates need for external controller in system set up and configuration, simplifying and speeding up the process.

True Preview Capability
The operation is similar to a master control switcher. The preview output shows sources immediately as they are selected on the program bus. This allows the operator to visually check what sources they are preparing to bring to the program output. Once the proper source has been identified on the preview bus, simply pressing Take initiates the transition to the program output.

Using HD-BNC and SFP connectivity, Platinum VX offers unmatched density for an SDI video routing system.
Wide range of supported signal types from 3Mb/s to over 3Gb/s

  • SD-SDI & HD-SDI to 1080p (3Gb/s)
  • ASI, SMPTE 310, SMPTE 305, etc.
  • 4K and graphic routing beyond 3Gb/s supported via multiple paths
  • Legacy analog video supported via conversion to/from SD-SDI on SFP I/O

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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