Used Lawo V Pro 8 video processor

Used Lawo V Pro 8 video processor

Used Lawo V Pro 8 video processor

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Used Lawo V Pro 8 video processor

System incl. the following options:
1 x Lawo V_Pro8 - Monitoring
2 x Lawo V_Pro8 - Single Chan Format Conversion
1 x Lawo V_Pro8 - Audio- Video Lip Sync Measurement
1 x Lawo V_Pro8 - Color Correction
2 x additional SFP modules, 4 in total
1 x V_Frontpanel

Video interfaces video signal input/output:
8x 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs via BNC connector
8x 3G/HD/SD-SDI outputs via BNC connector
1x 3G/1080i MV/QS output via BNC, DisplayPort for local MV/ QS monitoring

Audio signal Input/Output:
2x MADI/AES10 optical in/out via LC connector front/rear (redundant mode selectable);
SDI embedded Audio via BNC connector, EthernetIntegrated

Quadsplit Multiviewer

Detailed technical description and pictures listed below and in the attached PDF

Equipment built in December 2016
Unit has been used in an OB Van

Technical Specifications:

Conceptually, the V__pro8 resembles a bridge builder. It is a compact, fully digital, 8-channel video processor comprising all of the glue features usually needed in the broadcast production workflow. Combining video and audio management in a single device guarantees maximum efficiency and greatest operating safety, with significantly reduced space, wiring and cost.

The integrated Quadsplit Multiviewer provides a high-quality video and audio monitoring solution via the V__pro8’s MV video output (BNC/DisplayPort), displaying up to four video sources at the same time. The audio meters feature absolutely precise PPM and true peak PPM metering and can be positioned as an overlay, inside or outside of the video windows. The configurable meter scales provide user-defined ballistics of the audio bar graphs and a user-defined safe operation area. Peak hold can be set to manual or auto mode. The audio scales can be defined as dBFS, BBC, Nordic or DIN. UMD and tally support complete the monitoring options of the V__pro8’s Quadsplit Multiviewer. 1 8 9 7 6 5 4 2 3 1 SDI I/Os depending on PPM assignment 2 Embedded audio channels 3 Peak hold 4 Icon for SDI audio source (Input/Output) 5 Icon Audio not assigned 6 Icon None Mode (PPM is in normal mode) 7 Icon True Peak (PPM is in True Peak Mode) 8 Audio Meter Type 9 Tally Lamps The tally lamps can be controlled via Ember+, offering the possibility to integrate the MV tally in the overall tally system of your studio control system. It supports multiple colors (RGB) for multi tally configurations in enhanced TV Productions.

Innovative functions are only useful in combination with user-friendly controls. Consequently, the V__pro8 provides two convenient ways to control the device: WEB-GUI The V__pro8 can be configured via an easy-to-understand HTML5-based touch screen interface that runs directly within the web browser. No software installation is needed. As a result, you benefit not only from state-of-the-art user-guidance, but also from elegant animations and many, practical features such as the video channel preview on your GUI. In addition, the webbased approach enables the user to access all V__line devices from anywhere within the network — a feature especially useful in bigger set-ups or in outside broadcast productions with long-distance links. Ember+ CONTROL The V__pro8 fully supports the Ember+ protocol, enabling the device to be controlled by external master control systems like BFE’s KSC, Axon’s Cerebrum or Lawo’s Virtual Studio Manager. This allows operators to easily access multiple device parameters along with other routing parameters of the broadcast installation via a single, integrated interface. In addition, they get access to the V__pro8’s thumbnails and peak meters within the VSM desktop environment.

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For more Information and Pictures please check the PDF below!

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