Used Snell Archangel Restoration System

Used Snell Archangel Restoration System

Used Snell Archangel Restoration System available for sale

We offer:

1x used Snell Archangel Ph.C System
Motion Compensated HD Restoration Platform

Real Time Video Restoration
Image Stabilization
Flicker Removal
Noise Reduction

Software version: V3.3
Built in 2010
Works flawlessly
Redundant Power Supply
New price was more than 80.000€

Technical Specification:
What is Ph.C?
Ph.C is the most sophisticated motion compensated video processing technology in the world. It was developed by Snell for use in its flagship Alchemist standards converters and has a proven track record of precision and reliability.

Archangel Ph.C works in a unique way Archangel Ph.C provides a unique combination of unsteadiness stabilization and noise reduction processes, with Ph.C (phase correlation motion compensation) used throughout to guarantee the highest quality results. The time required to complete a restoration depends on the nature of the material and the problems to be solved. Most cases will typically require no more than two to three times program length. The right combination of processes, settings and filters is decided by the operator using the sophisticated artifact detection and measurement systems built into Archangel Ph.C.

Archangel Ph.C includes the following processes:
Image Stabilization
Unsteadiness can be caused by telecine, camera or print weave, hand-held camera work, long lenses or moving vehicle shots.

Flicker Removal
Luminance flicker can be caused by poor film printing, unsuitable storage or shooting under fluorescent light.

Noise Reduction
Including electronic noise and film grain, spatial noise, video-based dropouts, satellite salt-and-pepper noise, dirt and dust, two-inch Quadraplex VTR tape damage, picture enhancements and scratches of various shapes and sizes.

Signal Processing Features:
Luminance Flicker
Tramline Scratch
Noise and Grain
Video Dropout
2 inch Scratch
Linear Filter
Multiband Spatial Filter
Non-Linear Enhancer

Price on request:
Excl. shipping & insurance costs
Excl. custom fees

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